What if I have food allergies?

We make every effort and use best practices to avoid cross contamination, but we cannot guarantee that there won’t be any cross contamination with your meals.

Food allergy reactions can range from mild to severe. We urge you to use caution when ordering ICON Meals, as some of our Signature Meals do contain common allergens such as peanuts, nuts, dairy, and wheat. If you suffer from food allergies, we encourage you to contact us ahead of time as we are happy to address any questions or concerns you may have and inform you which meals are allergen free.

Can meals be frozen?

Yes. However, we do not freeze any of our meals internally and every meal leaves our kitchen freshly cooked. Please keep in mind that we do ship using dry ice which may cause some meals to freeze during transit.

What are the re-heating instructions?

All of our meals are shipped fresh and never frozen, for most meals we suggest cracking open the corner of the lid and reheating them in the microwave on high for 60-90 seconds or until internal temperature reaches 160 degrees.  For pancakes and some of our breakfast options we suggest 30-45 seconds.

Do you recycle meal containers?

We kindly ask our customers to participate in their home or business recycling programs. We are unable to accept used containers back into our facility due to sanitary reasons.

What if I have questions before I place my order or questions regarding an existing order?

If you have questions before you place your order, or regarding an existing order please contact us directly at 1- 844-879-4266 or by email at info@iconmeals.com.  All phone calls and emails will be answered or returned with in 24 hours.


What if I need to cancel my order?

If you have not paid for your order, you can log into your ICON Meals account to cancel your order. You will see a “cancel” button next to your latest order number.  If you have paid for your order already, contact us at 1-844-879-4266 or info@iconmeals.com as soon as possible as we will have to cancel the order internally. Once order is cancelled, a refund will be issued.

Orders that are ‘cooking’, ‘complete’, or have shipped cannot be cancelled.

How do I change the shipping address for an order I've already placed?

If you need to update your shipping address, please contact us at 1-844-879-4266 or info@iconmeals.com as soon as possible. Orders that have already already shipped cannot have their address changed.

What do I do if I have an incomplete or damaged order?


If you notice an issue with your order, please report it at 1-844-879-4266 or info@iconmeals.com within 24 hours. We will not be able to address any issues that are reported after that time frame.

Please provide photos and as much detail as possible when reporting any issues.

Do you offer nutritional plans?

We currently do not offer any nutritional guidance or plans at ICON Meals. However, we plan on providing them in later 2016.

Do you offer monthly meal plans, bundles, or subscriptions?

We currently do not offer any bundle options or subscriptions. The current ordering process allows customers to select exactly which options and amounts are desired and order accordingly.  We do plan on offering meal plans and bundles later in 2016.

How do I become an affiliate?

We are always taking applications for affiliates. If you are interested in becoming an ICON Meals affiliate, please submit an application through the ‘Affiliate’ link at the top of this page.  We kindly ask that only one application is submitted per applicant to not slow down the process.

Do you have a storefront?

Yes, our store front is open weekdays from 8-5. Also we are open on Sunday from 11-3 pm We have our Signature Meal Menu available for sale as well as Protein Cookies, Power Popcorn, ICON Apparel, Questbars, P28 Products, and energy drinks.

Are your meals gluten free?

If you have Celeiac’s Disease or gluten sensitivity, please contact us at 1-844-879-4266 or info@iconmeals.com to inquire about specific meal ingredients.  We attempt to always have a few gluten-free meals on our Signature Menu menu each week


Where does ICON Meals ship?

We ship to all 48 states. Please call us to inquire about shipping to Hawaii, Alsaka and Puerto Rico as not all areas are available for delivery through FedEx.

Does ICON Meals ship to Hotels?

Yes, as long as the hotel is in the United States or Puerto Rico. We cannot ship to any International locations at this time. You will need to place your order a minimum of two days prior to the date of your arrival by 2pm CST. Please note your exact arrival date in the special comments section of your order. If the room is not under your name and is under the same of a spouse, mother, brother, etc. make sure you include that name as part of the shipping address. Most hotels will not accept a package if the name on the package does not match up with the name on the reservation. All we ask is that you inform your hotel the day prior to arrival that you will be expecting a package.

Is there a minimum purchase to ship?

There is no purchase minimum. However, our smallest perishable food cooler holds 10 meals, so we recommend ordering at least 10 meals to maximize the shipping costs.

How do you ship ICON Meals?

Meals are packed in a perishable food cooler along with dry ice to ensure freshness and quality while in transit. We ship all meals via FedEx for next day delivery, but pack them to last 48 hours in transit in case of any delays.  Priority overnight and Standard Overnight are guaranteed to be delivered next day. We also offer FedEx Ground an option for customers that live within one day transit of Dallas Texas. This option will only appear if your shipping zip code is within this zone.

All non-meal items such as P28, Quest Bars, Protein Cookies, Power Popcorn, and apparel can be shipped Ground anywhere without restrictions.

How much do you charge for shipping?

Shipping charges will depend on how many meals are ordered, what size perishable food cooler is required for those meals, and where the package is being sent. We offer FedEx Priority and Standard Overnight shipping which on average will cost $25-$50 per box. We offer $12 per box Flat Rate Ground shipping for customers that live within one day transit of Dallas Texas. We understand shipping costs are expensive. Please be assured that Icon Meals does not add any additional ‘handling’ fees. The rate that FedEx charges for shipping is passed to the customer without adjustment.

The different ship options and prices will be available for review on the final page before checking out.

Do you offer pickup from your kitchen?

Yes, local customers can pick up meal orders from our kitchen location as well as shop in our retail store front.  Please select ICON Meals Kitchen in the Local Pickup drop down menu at the time of check out.

How do I know my meals are ready to be picked up?

You will receive an “Order Completion” e-mail the morning of the day your meals will be dropped off at retail location. It is recommended that you call the pickup location prior to arrival to ensure your meals have been delivered. Deliveries are normally made by 1 PM.

When should I expect to receive my meals?

All orders received prior to 2 P.M. CST Sunday through Thursday will leave our facility following day. All orders placed after 2 P.M. will be processed the following business day.

All orders received after 2 P.M. CST on Thursdays will leave our facility on Monday.

All orders shipped will be in transit one day. A FedEx tracking number will be emailed to you the moment your package leaves our facility.

Please note that Saturday delivery is not available in all areas. An Icon Meals representative will notify you if your address is outside of the FedEx Saturday delivery zone.

If you choose a local pick up location you can expect your meals to be delivered by 10 A.M.

Food Order Transit Times & Shipping Information


  • The above referenced transit times are for orders containing Custom meals placed by 2:00 P.M. CST. Orders placed after the cut off time will be processed the following day.
  • FedEx Priority Express deliveries are guaranteed by 10:30 A.M. the following business day.
  • FedEx Standard Express deliveries are guaranteed by 3:00 P.M. the following business day.
  • FedEx Ground deliveries are guaranteed by end of business the following day.

*Please note that all delivery times are zip code dependent.  If you have questions regarding guaranteed delivery times please contact FedEx directly.

Can I select a future delivery date?

Yes. For Signature Meals, your future delivery date will be limited within the week that each menu is available. As our Signature Menu rotates weekly, you cannot place your order today and select a day next week for delivery as those items would not be available.
There are no restrictions for selecting future delivery dates for custom meal orders.
If you place an order with both signature and custom meals, the delivery date is limited to the week of the signature meals deadline. You can not choose a future delivery date.

How many meals can I fit in each perishable food box?

How many meals fit in each box will depend on whether you are ordering Custom Meals or Signature Meals. For Signature Meals, the smallest perishable food box holds 8 meals, the medium holds 12, and the largest holds 21. The perishable containers will hold the same amount of Custom Meals that have the standard portion sizes of 4 oz of protein, 4 oz of carbohydrate, and 2 oz of veggie.

The capacity of the perishable food box will vary for Custom meals that have larger portions and require larger meal containers.