5 Little Known Factors That Could Affect Your Motivation

5 Little Known Factors That Could Affect Your Motivation

There is no question that several factors can contribute to the amount of motivation that we are able to have in every aspect of our lives. Staying motivated is one of the most challenging tasks for a human being and in this article, we are going to be talking about 5 little known factors that could be affecting your motivation.

1-Too Much Social Pressure

A great deal of unnecessary pressure can be built when you have high expectations and ambitious goals and you let everyone around you know about this. The best thing to avoid this is to simply focus your energy on achieving the things that you have been talking about and you will be able to feel free of the social pressure that can become a huge burden for you.

2-Lack Of A Good Plan

Some people say that all they need is to have a goal and they will feel motivated to move towards that goal. The problem is that if you simply want to move forward without any strategies or specific plans, you are very likely not going to be able to make anything happen for you. Being able to plan your strategies properly is going to be essential for success. You need to prepare yourself for your journey if you want to avoid serious issues in the future.

3-A Poor Diet

This is an unknown factor for motivation because most people don’t even know how much a bad diet affects their general mood and this affects their ability to stay motivated too. Low energy levels caused by poor eating habits will also make it very hard for people to feel motivated when they are always feeling tired. A good diet with plenty of protein is going to be extremely useful and it will boost your motivation.

4-Ambiguous Comfort Zones

An ambiguous comfort zone is basically a situation in which you feel that you still have things you want to accomplish, but you aren’t really making any progress. You are comfortable in your current situation and you feel like you are moving forward, but you are really in the same spot, working on the same things, but you are not creating anything new. Even if you are making more money, you could be stuck in an ambiguous comfort zone.

5-Your Environment

Everyone knows that you can be motivated by a bad environment because you want to get out of it, but a great environment that is extremely safe and monotonous can also be a problem because it will make you feel like you no longer need to go higher and get anything better. Always aim for a higher ground and you will avoid this problem.


There are many things that can drain our motivation. The most common are relationship problems, work conditions, current earnings and personal life issues, but there are also many “under the radar” problems that can hurt our motivation greatly. The important thing is to be able to spot them before they ruin our efforts in life. We are an emotionally charged species and by being aware of our emotions daily and choosing how we react to situations that arise enables us to better change our perspectives on things. When you change your perspectives the world around you changes.

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